KGet/KPPP Question

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Mon Mar 29 22:30:07 BST 2004

Rainer Wirtz wrote:
> Am Montag, 29. März 2004 11:43 schrieb James Richard Tyrer:
>>In KGet on the: "Connection" tab check all three: "Reconnect Options" but
>>it doesn't seem to be as tenacious as WGet.
> It simply doesn't work at all in kde 3.2.1 (and earlier). In CVS, kget does 
> reconnect when a connection  to a server got lost (like, server not 
> responding), but your connection to the internet is still working.
> However, when kget detects a lost internet connection, it switches all running 
> transfers to "delayed" and they are _not_ resumed when the connection is 
> reestablished (see Bug 73638).
> I've send in a patch that fixes this, but got no reaction so far.
> Until then, in case you compile yourself, a quick'n'dirty (TM) fix would be:
> In file "transfer.cpp" around line 740. In function "void 
> Transfer::slotExecPause()"
> replace the line
>     mode = MD_DELAYED;
> with
>     mode = MD_QUEUED;
> With this, running downloads get queued when the connection is lost.
> Note that this changes the behaviour of the "Pause" button.

Could you please post the patch on the bug report,

Or, send me a copy,

Or, post it at: kde-quality at with a request for people to test it.


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