KGet/KPPP Question

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Mon Mar 29 10:43:30 BST 2004

Swaroop C H wrote:
> Hello all,
>     I couldn't find any KGet-specific discussion board and I am hoping
> this is the right place to ask - if not, please guide me to the right
> place.
>     Can I configure KGet and KPPP such that if my dialup connection is
> broken, then KPPP should automatically redial *and* KGet should
> automatically resume downloads? Is this possible ?

Apparently not.  You can set KPPP to redial (this has always worked 
perfectly for me since 2.somethin').  You can configure KGet to 
automatically resume downloads but it doesn't always work. :-(

For KPPP on the: "Misc" tab check: "Automatic redial on disconnect" and it 
will redial when your ISP drops you.

In KGet on the: "Connection" tab check all three: "Reconnect Options" but 
it doesn't seem to be as tenacious as WGet.

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