KDE after login...not

Scott Holder ncc1701 at mindspring.com
Sun Mar 28 05:21:16 BST 2004

Bob McIlvaine wrote:

>Hi all,
>Well, I've tried the info I've found with google and every 
>source I can...but, no happiness.
>I am running KDE on OpenBSD 3.4.
>X seems to be installed and working. When the machine 
>boots the X login screen comes up with the nice gui and a 
>puffy fish graphic.
>So far so good.
>If I login, I get a an xterm window.

I had this problem myself after a dist-upgrade on Debian Linux, might be 

Check your kdmrc file and see if the [X-*-Core] section looks something 
like this

In particular, mine was missing the Setup, Startup, Reset, and Session 
bits. Readding them made it all start working right again. I'm not 
directly familiar with OpenBSD so some of the files may be in other 
places, but it's worth checking I'd say :)

Scott Holder
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