Font kerning (character-to -character spacing) when printing problem

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Mar 27 09:36:48 GMT 2004

Marc Heyvaert wrote:
> Hello,
> Like I said in a previous mail, I have still some
> issues with fonts in KOffice or other KDE
> applications, although things have improved enormously
> since about 12 months ago. Having said that I would
> like to offer you an example of a document that I
> produced (it's in dutch i'm afraid...) to illustrate
> my point.
> 1. I chose times new roman to avoid problems with
> people who would view this file afterwards -I think I
> embedded the font as well, but I'm not sure now. I
> prints on my printer exactly as it is in the pdf file
> on my system. (deskjet 500 - kghostview; on Acrobat
> (for linux) it looks lousy?) I think the font is to
> bold really. Strangely enough, on a windows pc that I
> have with a better printer Acrobat 6.0 shows the
> document as it should be and it prints very well
> too???
> 2. Kerning is hardly a problem anymore, compared to
> earlier times, but it is still not perfect. If you
> look at the last -italic- lines of the document, you
> will see that in "Vlaamse Wushu" there are still some
> kerning problems, also in "sportfederatie" further on
> the sam line. Maybe this is linked to the fact that it
> is italic? Maybe all this is KOffice related and not
> general KDE? 

The best way to make a PDF is to use the the fonts that come with AAR 3.x 
for Windows:

and NOT embed them, make a PS, and then use ps2pdf to produce the PDF.

These fonts are:

COBO____.PFB  HVBO____.PFB  TII_____.PFB  SY______.PFB
COB_____.PFB  HVB_____.PFB  TIR_____.PFB  ZD______.PFB
COM_____.PFB  HVO_____.PFB  TIBI____.PFB
COO_____.PFB  HV______.PFB  TIB_____.PFB

You can usually find them on the web to download.

You also need the AFMs from:

Remember to convert the file names to all lower case before installing on 

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