Font kerning (character-to -character spacing) when printing problem

Dik Takken D.H.J.Takken at
Fri Mar 26 23:41:58 GMT 2004

On Fri, 26 Mar 2004, Marc Heyvaert wrote:

> Hello,
> Like I said in a previous mail, I have still some
> issues with fonts in KOffice or other KDE
> applications, although things have improved enormously
> since about 12 months ago. Having said that I would
> like to offer you an example of a document that I
> produced (it's in dutch i'm afraid...) to illustrate
> my point.
> 1. I chose times new roman to avoid problems with
> people who would view this file afterwards -I think I
> embedded the font as well, but I'm not sure now. I
> prints on my printer exactly as it is in the pdf file
> on my system. (deskjet 500 - kghostview; on Acrobat
> (for linux) it looks lousy?) I think the font is to
> bold really. Strangely enough, on a windows pc that I
> have with a better printer Acrobat 6.0 shows the
> document as it should be and it prints very well
> too???

Fonts looking too bold on the screen depends heavily on the viewer
application. You see, displaying fonts on a computer screen is *very*
hard. Rendering it to a printer is much easier, and you won't likely see
any unexpected boldness there. Only screen display is affected. Acrobat
uses it's own internal font renderer. I think it's butt ugly, also on

You might want to try Ghostscript 8, it has inproved screen rendering.
KGhostview uses this.

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