Font kerning (character-to -character spacing) when printing problem

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Mar 25 03:08:46 GMT 2004

Mark Thorp Duxbury wrote:
> Greetings,
> I am having a near show stopper problem with printing.  While on screen fonts 
> are fine, when printed, from *any* application, the kerning is so bad as to 
> render the printout unusable for anything but the roughest draft uses.  In 
> some instances some characters actually touch or even overlap, while others 
> have huge spaces between them.  Sometimes spaces between words are nearly 
> nonexistent.  I have tried several different fonts, all TrueType, with the 
> same result.  Searching around, all I've found is this kword bug: 
> - but since it has no votes I am 
> assuming that, and assuming it is the same problem that I am having, it is 
> not occurring widely and may be caused by some configuration or fontsystem 
> problem.
> Is this actually a kde (or qt) bug or does anyone have any suggestions that I 
> might try to fix this problem?  It really is a big problem here, as good 
> printing is essential for us.
> I am using kde 3.2.1, qt 3.3.1, ghostscript 7.07, on linux.
> Thanks, and if this question has been answered elsewhere please forgive me for 
> not finding it - but a pointer to that answer would be greatly appreciated.

There are known bugs with the Qt-PostScript Driver.  However, it does work 
more or less except that the spacing of letters of proportionally spaced 
fonts are slightly too wide.

And people having your problem is a known problem, but not everybody has 
it.  GhostScript 8.11 is now available -- it wouldn't hurt to upgrade.

Would you please advise me which fonts that you have tried and send me 
(private e-mail) a test PostScript file.  Like 4 lines of The quick brown 
fix jumps over the fat lazy dog.  Just use the print to file option in the 
Kprinter dialog.

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