how do I get kde when I login?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Mar 20 09:15:49 GMT 2004

Mac wrote:
> Hi all,
> newbie questions...
> I have xwindows installed. It handles the login screen. And presents me with a 
> x terminal etc when I login.

IIUC, you are using a GUI login, but it fails to start KDE.

> And, I can then start KDE with the command startkde...this adds the kde 
> desktop and shows lots of stuff in the xterm window where i type the command.
> But, I would like to have that happen without typing startkde evertime I 
> login.
> AND!, yes I've read all the docs I could find. Putting startkde in .xinitrc 
> did nothing.

If you are using a GUI login, then the file: "~/.xinitrc" is not relevant 
since that is ONLY used for the console login.
> I followed one set of recommendations modifying rc.local, etc. and everytime I 
> logged in I ended up with a 51+Mb kimageroot.core file in /.

Unfortunately, people that have no idea what they are talking about will 
answer questions.

Do you know which GUI login manager you are using: XDM, GDM, or KDM?

In any case, the problem usually lies in the: "Xsession" script.  This 
script is run after your login with the GUI login.

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