KDE Developers don't test their own programs...

David Harel hareldvd at ergolight-sw.com
Wed Mar 17 13:58:06 GMT 2004

Absolutely right, I could not agree more, Only I guess they truly have a 
man power shortage problem. I hope I myself can become available soon 
and offer my help to that group.

Clemens Wacha wrote:

>I like KDE because it has thousands options. Its very flexible too. I
>really like Konquerors filter view or the embedded search function.
>What I don't like is the fact that there are only very few programs that
>I can work with longer than 5 minutes without finding the first really
>stupid bug.
>I.e. KDE Addressbook. Don't even think of trying to use the csv
>importer. its totally useless to me because I cannot import my adresses.
>Symbol text line breaks are not really important but even in win95 first
>release it looked better than in any kde version i saw.
>mime type detection might work for 95% of stupid newbies that never
>change anything. I tried to add .sid Tunes and Gameboy roms. But its not
>possible because both of them are recognized as octet-streams... That
>might be true but they still have different file endings.. well but
>konqi doesnt care.. hit is hit :-)
>And what do we need the FileType Description for.. Just always reset it
>back to Unknown Document. Not matter what I type there.
>Because I relly like the filter button from the extra toolbar in konqi I
>wanted to move it to the main toolbar so I always have it handy.. Well I
>added it but it doesnt appear... But instead the extra toolbar now has
>two of them. Great feature :-)
>Viewing pdfs is still a pain because the tools render slow and always
>only the current page. After switching the page you still have to wait 5
>secs. Searching is a pain that way.. not to speak of the missing search
>function or the ability to select text (yes I know its ghostscripts
>fault but that still doesnt make it better). And before I forget, don't
>try to view landscape pdfs....
>Since I use an iBook I have no access to acrobat. Luckily xpdf can
>display landscape pdfs. But rendering is still f**** slow compared to
>native OSX PDF viewers...
>The thing I like most in KDE3 is that now it doesnt crash anymore which
>still happened in v2 sometimes. Maybe in v4 the core apps have their
>bugs fixed. :-)
>The reason why I dont file bug reports is because I just don't have the
>time to surf the homepages and check if my bug isn't already filed etc.
>I already file reports for openoffice, evolution and sometimes debian
>packages. No matter what program it is for, it normally takes 10-15
>minutes. Way too much for just a simple bug. I vote for an easy Tool
>with a bug search function and a simple form to fill out all the needed
>information. Gnome developers have tried this but they forgot the search
>function. Without this I can't save time because searching for an
>already existing bug takes most of the time (besides waiting for slow
>php scripted webpages to appear :-( )
>I am convinced that there are lots of people out there finding bugs but
>none of them files them because its still too difficult. The same with
>Enough rant.
>I'd like to see what others are thinking.


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