KDE Developers don't test their own programs...

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Your mention of time is the issue.  Most of the developers are doing this in their spare time and not getting paid so they don't have a lot of time as well.  They write the code when they get the chance and get it submitted for a release but may not get to test every part to see if a new change/addition broke something else or it may all work fine on their system/config.  The situation is improving with the KDE quality team.  Volunteers are now availbale to test patches and hunt down bugs but even then they are still volunteers.  You have to put it in perspective though, a few bugs in free programs writtin in peoples spare time without getting paid for it is more acceptable than paying a lot of money for applications written by hundreds of programmers making lots of $ with thousands of testers still having bugs is/was unacceptable to me (as well as paying over $200 per incident to report
  said bugs)

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>Absolutely right, I could not agree more, Only I guess they truly have a 
>man power shortage problem. I hope I myself can become available soon 
>and offer my help to that group.
>Clemens Wacha wrote:
>>I like KDE because it has thousands options. Its very flexible too. I
>>really like Konquerors filter view or the embedded search function.
>>What I don't like is the fact that there are only very few programs that
>>I can work with longer than 5 minutes without finding the first really
>>stupid bug.
>>I.e. KDE Addressbook. Don't even think of trying to use the csv
>>importer. its totally useless to me because I cannot import my adresses.
>>Symbol text line breaks are not really important but even in win95 first
>>release it looked better than in any kde version i saw.
>>mime type detection might work for 95% of stupid newbies that never
>>change anything. I tried to add .sid Tunes and Gameboy roms. But its not
>>possible because both of them are recognized as octet-streams... That
>>might be true but they still have different file endings.. well but
>>konqi doesnt care.. hit is hit :-)
>>And what do we need the FileType Description for.. Just always reset it
>>back to Unknown Document. Not matter what I type there.
>>Because I relly like the filter button from the extra toolbar in konqi I
>>wanted to move it to the main toolbar so I always have it handy.. Well I
>>added it but it doesnt appear... But instead the extra toolbar now has
>>two of them. Great feature :-)
>>Viewing pdfs is still a pain because the tools render slow and always
>>only the current page. After switching the page you still have to wait 5
>>secs. Searching is a pain that way.. not to speak of the missing search
>>function or the ability to select text (yes I know its ghostscripts
>>fault but that still doesnt make it better). And before I forget, don't
>>try to view landscape pdfs....
>>Since I use an iBook I have no access to acrobat. Luckily xpdf can
>>display landscape pdfs. But rendering is still f**** slow compared to
>>native OSX PDF viewers...
>>The thing I like most in KDE3 is that now it doesnt crash anymore which
>>still happened in v2 sometimes. Maybe in v4 the core apps have their
>>bugs fixed. :-)
>>The reason why I dont file bug reports is because I just don't have the
>>time to surf the homepages and check if my bug isn't already filed etc.
>>I already file reports for openoffice, evolution and sometimes debian
>>packages. No matter what program it is for, it normally takes 10-15
>>minutes. Way too much for just a simple bug. I vote for an easy Tool
>>with a bug search function and a simple form to fill out all the needed
>>information. Gnome developers have tried this but they forgot the search
>>function. Without this I can't save time because searching for an
>>already existing bug takes most of the time (besides waiting for slow
>>php scripted webpages to appear :-( )
>>I am convinced that there are lots of people out there finding bugs but
>>none of them files them because its still too difficult. The same with
>>Enough rant.
>>I'd like to see what others are thinking.
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