krfb in 3.2.1 malfunctioning?

Gavin Hamill gdh at
Sat Mar 13 18:25:30 GMT 2004

Hullo :)

I'm a Debianite, and have just installed a fresh set of KDE 3.2.1 .deb's on my 
notebook (kdebase then single packages as-needed to keep the clutter down), 
and all is working well up to a point :)

This machine has previously been Win2000-based running TightVNC so I can 
control it remotely, and the docs seem to suggest that krfb is capable of the 
same functionality - i.e. always listen for a connection, and provide 
access to the X11 desktop via only a password (Uninvited Connections).

Unfortunately, when I connect to port 5900 from another PC, I do not see
the familiar "RFB 003.003", but instead I either connect and then get no
data, or connect and get immediately disconnected again.

Whilst this is happening, the desktop chugs a bit, and KDE System Tray
makes room for a blank icon, but I do not see any actual icon displayed.

I can't find anything in syslog, or the ~/.xsession-errors file - where 
can I find more information on this problem? :)

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