how to add an icon to kmail ??

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On Monday July 12 2004 07:36 am, MichaelHoeller at wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to add an Icon to the KMail taskbar, and assing an action
> to it. E.g. I have
> bogofilter running to filter for Spam Mailings. False detected Mails
> need to be unregisterd
> in the bogofilter database and rergisterd as Spam/Ham. This can be done
> by a filter and a
> bash command executed for a single mail.
> In the bogofilter docs I found the hint that the filter could be
> executed via a click on an
> icon which needs to be assinged to the taskbar and assinged to the
> action.

I've managed to add an icon to kmails taskbar to file a message to my spam 
folder (I just have a cron job run every night to learn from messages there).  
Its a little obtuse, but it works:

First add a filter to the end of your rules list (settings->configure filters)
name this filter whatever you want the button to be named ("filter action " 
will be prepended to the name)

Have the filter match "<size> is greater than or equal to 1" (so it will match 
all messages)

Uncheck all the "Apply this filter:" options, check "if this filter matches, 
stop processing here" and "Add this filter to the Apply Filter Actions menu"

Then, under filter actions, choose the action you want.  I just have mine set 
to file into folder Spam, but you could easily pipe the message or execute a 

Then, once the filter is setup however you want it, go to Settings->Configure 
toobars.  There should be an item in the list "Filter action: <name>"
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