how to add an icon to kmail ??

MichaelHoeller at MichaelHoeller at
Mon Jul 12 12:36:58 BST 2004


I would like to add an Icon to the KMail taskbar, and assing an action
to it. E.g. I have 
bogofilter running to filter for Spam Mailings. False detected Mails
need to be unregisterd
in the bogofilter database and rergisterd as Spam/Ham. This can be done
by a filter and a 
bash command executed for a single mail.
In the bogofilter docs I found the hint that the filter could be
executed via a click on an 
icon which needs to be assinged to the taskbar and assinged to the

I was no able to find out how to do this. Any hints??? I have KMail
1.6.2 running

Thanks a lot 

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