Cool new featuress for a new kde?!

Theo Schmidt tschmidt at
Mon Jul 19 12:02:45 BST 2004

Am Monday 19 July 2004 16.27 schrieb Janne Ojaniemi:
> Is someone forcing people with slower computers to enable all eye-candy the
> UI offers? If someone runs KDE with a slower computer (like I do, on a
> 300Mhz P2) he can just disable the eye-candy.

I have a question regarding really old computers. I have KDE 1 installed on a 
2 laptops with 16 and 32 MB RAM respectively (SuSE 6.2 CD-ROM). They work 
fine (well, the second one, anyway...) and obviously there is no chance of 
upgrading to KDE 3. Now if I reinstall some of the old KDE packages from a 
server still having this old distribution, will somebody have fixed some bugs 
but have left the packages otherwise the same? In other words, is it a policy 
with KDE to improve old packages when bugs become known, or they left exactly 
as they were for historic reasons?

On the other end, BTW, on my main 400MHz PC with 250MB RAM, KDE 3.2.2 runs 
much better than 3.1 did in spite of the extras! 3 cheers for the KDE 

Theo Schmidt
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