Cool new featuress for a new kde?!

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at
Mon Jul 19 17:27:53 BST 2004

> I personally son't like a lot of eye candy because I'm running on a laptop
> and to keep the laptop small and weight down I chose to go with a smaller
> 12" screen and slower processor.  Not everyone has or wants a 4GHz desktop
> that dims the lights in their house when its powered on.

Is someone forcing people with slower computers to enable all eye-candy the UI 
offers? If someone runs KDE with a slower computer (like I do, on a 300Mhz 
P2) he can just disable the eye-candy. If you run KDE on a fast machine (like 
I do, 2.2GHz Athlon64 with 1GB of RAM), you can then enable all the 
features/eye-candy the UI has to offer.

I don't think that progress of features/eye-candy should be held back by those 
people who still use old computers. Those people can either upgrade their 
computers (really, modern PC is not THAT expensive), disable the eye-candy or 
continue to use the software they are currently using. If we designed our 
UI's so that it's always usable to that guy who still uses a 60Mhz Pentium, 
we would still be using TWM!
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