Cool new featuress for a new kde?!

Thujan tuxakka at
Sun Jul 18 11:10:53 BST 2004

On Sat, Jul 17, 2004 at 11:58:52PM +0200, Rikard Johnels wrote:
> Sure i can use TVM or similar "light weight" manager.
> But i happen to like the way kde is handling all the things i need/want with 
> ease. No hassle in editing conf files. No obscurity in handling 
> fileassociations etc. When i really want "light weight" i go console.
> And as Eugene said; Not everyone has a 
> "umpti-CPU-with-zillion-mega-megabytes-ram" box to use.
> I run a dual 433 MHz box. and it is handling the present "candy" rather well.
> But it would fall on its knees if there were more to fiddle with.
> And besides The desktop only sits idle when you don't work with it.
> As soon as you start moving things around, switch desktops or open/close 
> windows (which i tend to do alot) the load skyrockets if i enable all the 
> "candy" available today.
> I cant understand why you would want all those "bells and whistles" to begin 
> with.. They aren't doing anything useful anyhow.. :)
Inside of Kde you have much of choiches too, nobody have to use all that
Actually adjusting amount of eyecandy is easy with that wizard.
These dayz is also hard to buy new cpu with under 1,5ghz at least for
atx, in itx-box you can get one around 1ghz.
Also new laptops are over 1,5ghz.
But like you said there are too lot of older machines with less power.
That's why is good to have that wizard to tune candy.
I personally have a fujitsu laptop 1,5ghz celeron with 768mb ram and I
haven't had any problems to use Kde 3.2.2 with lot of eye candy.
And if I need more power I shutdown X and goto console to compile

best rgds 

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