Problem with keyboard layouts

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at
Wed Jul 14 22:23:31 BST 2004

I have a Logitech Cordless Desktop-keyboard. This keyboard has a bunch of 
"multimedia"-keys, and I decided to put those in to good use in KDE. I played 
around with xev, and I mapped few keys (namely, the volume up/down-roller), 
but it wouldn't work in KDE. Then I realized that I need to change my 
keyboard-layout accordingly in the control center. So I went and enabled 
keyboard-layouts, and then I changed my layout to Logitech Cordless Desktop. 
And lo and behold, the volume-roller I had mapped with xev did indeed work! 
But then I noticed that some of the regural keys do not work! For example, q, 
w and y do not work. There are quite alot of keys that do not work (my 
estimate is that about half of the regural keys are not functioning. 
Number-keys do work). I tried disabling keyboard-layouts from control center, 
but it still wouldn't work. Only after I logged out and logged back in, would 
my keyboard function normally again (but without those multimedia-keys of 

KDE is 3.2.3, installed from Gentoo-ebuilds. This is an AMD64-system that has 
been compiled with GCC3.4 from scratch. X-server is
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