Error in building kdebase version 3.1.4

Raniere S. M. da Silva ranieresantiago at
Thu Jul 15 00:07:14 BST 2004

Hello to all!!

I'm trying to compile the package kdebase 3.1.4 that I lowered directly 
of the official site in my Slackware 9.1. It's the first time that I try 
such exploit. It happens that unhappyly (as it was of if waiting) in 
some moment of the execution of make an error is generated and the 
process stops.

Below it is the summarized message:
Makefile:230: bgmanager.Plo: File or directory not found
Makefile:246: xautolock.Plo: File or directory not found
make[2]: *** Without rule to process the target `xautolock.Plo'. Stop.
make[1]: ** [all-recursive] Erro 1
make: ** [all] Erro 2

I verified the Makefile file in one of the lines specified in the error 
and could verify that it is:
include ./$(DEPDIR)/bgmanager.Plo

I verified that a variable DEPDIR is being defined of the form below in 
all the Makefile files of the sub-directories below of then kdesktop:
DEPDIR = .deps

In similar form it happens in the files:

The only Makefile files that do not possess this definition are the ones 
that are in the own folder of kdebase.

How can I to compile this package? What I made so far of wrong?

It follows the archive that I use to make the compilation:


# Set the config option variables if they are not already set:
if [ -z $VERSION ]; then
  export VERSION=`grep VERSION= ../KDE.options | cut -f 2- -d =`
if [ -z $ARCH ]; then
  export ARCH=`grep ARCH= ../KDE.options | cut -f 2- -d =`
if [ -z $BUILD ]; then
  export BUILD=`grep BUILD= ../KDE.options | cut -f 2- -d =`
if [ -z $TARGET ]; then
  export TARGET=`grep TARGET= ../KDE.options | cut -f 2- -d =`
if [ -z "$CPUOPT" ]; then
  export CPUOPT=`grep CPUOPT= ../KDE.options | cut -f 2- -d =`

# Avoid a version number in .la files:
if [ -d /usr/lib/qt ]; then

cd kdebase-$VERSION
echo "Configuring kdebase-$VERSION..."

./configure --prefix=/opt/kde --with-shadow $TARGET-slackware-linux \
  --with-xinerama \
  --disable-debug \
  --program-prefix="" --program-suffix="" \
  1> configure.ok.log 2> configure.erro.log

echo "Building kdebase-$VERSION..."
make 1> make.ok.log 2> make.erro.log

echo "Building instalation of kdebase-$VERSION..."
make install DESTDIR=$PKG 1> make.install.ok.log 2> make.install.erro.log

Thank's in advance to anybody that can help me!!


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