3.2.2 Konq Sidebar iconbar: how to remove text labels?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Thu Jul 15 05:21:44 BST 2004

orf at planet.nl wrote:
> hi
> i have some problems with the (newish) text labels on the sidebar iconbar:
> -i cannot turn it off. For me its just clutter.
> -the font is rendered in some bizarre manner with a shadow.
> -icons should never move when you click on them.
> so what am i missing? :-)

This appears to happen about here in "sidebar_widget.cpp:

		QString icon = confFile->readEntry("Icon");
		if (!icon.isEmpty())
					 confFile->readEntry("Name"), i);
		} else {
			menu->insertItem(confFile->readEntry("Name"), i);

I see no conditional based on something in:


So, it appears that it isn't configurable.

And, yes I think that it is a NON-feature.  It should be possible to turn it off.

This has NOT changed in KDE-3.3.0BETA1 so I would add a WishList item:


And/Or, you can post a small rant on <kde-usability at kde.org>.

Sorry that I couldn't tell you how to fix it without changing the code.

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