where are things?

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at blazenet.net
Mon Jul 5 17:50:38 BST 2004

Got two installations of KDE here,  both running under Slackware 9.1 (it's 
whatever version comes with that distro).  And they run somewhat differently!

In the case of konqueror,  there's a problem with the status line on this box.  
Instead of seeing

	"Page Loaded"

what I see instead is something like


though of course since it's one line I can only see half of each of those 
words.  Makes it much more of a hassle when it says anything else there!

This box with the problem was originally running earlier versions of stuff 
going all the way back to Slackware 4.0.  The other install here that does 
not have this problem is from a fresh install.  I've seen some references in 
here to people being told to simply delete files or even whole directories,  
but if it's at all possible I'd much rather find the problem and fix it 
(perhaps by comparing the two sets of files) instead,  since this would 
preserve any changes I'd made in my setup to personalize it without me having 
to go through and do it all again.

Also,  when I start to type a URL in konqueror all sorts of possibilities pop 
up that I can select from.  Where is that info stored?  How about "most often 
visited"?  Cookies?  Bookmarks?  The idea here is that I want to be able to 
export stuff via nfs and not have multiple inconsistent copies of it all over 
the place,  so I can go to different workstations and get the same 

Similarly,  I was able to go to my second machine last night and fire up 
kmail,  and I could see all of my mail that was sitting here and gain access 
to all of it,  but when I went to start a new mail,  typing the first letter 
of the intended recipient did NOT bring up the list of addresses I get when 
doing it on this box here.  So I'm currently on the old box just now,  
working within this setup still.  Where does kmail store that info?  How 
about the address book itself?

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