where are things?

Jim MacLeod j75trym at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Jul 5 18:48:35 BST 2004

On Monday 05 Jul 2004 17:50, Roy J. Tellason wrote:
> Got two installations of KDE here,  both running under Slackware 9.1 (it's
> whatever version comes with that distro).  And they run somewhat
> differently!
> In the case of konqueror,  there's a problem with the status line on this
> box. Instead of seeing
> 	"Page Loaded"
> what I see instead is something like
> 	"Page
> 	  Loaded"
> though of course since it's one line I can only see half of each of those
> words.  Makes it much more of a hassle when it says anything else there!
> This box with the problem was originally running earlier versions of stuff
> going all the way back to Slackware 4.0.  The other install here that does
> not have this problem is from a fresh install.  I've seen some references
> in here to people being told to simply delete files or even whole
> directories, but if it's at all possible I'd much rather find the problem
> and fix it (perhaps by comparing the two sets of files) instead,  since
> this would preserve any changes I'd made in my setup to personalize it
> without me having to go through and do it all again.
Using Konqueror as file manager, select View-Show Hidden Files.
This will show up all the .folders, under .kde you'll find most of what you're 
looking for ie config files, cookies, bookmarks etc. 
> Also,  when I start to type a URL in konqueror all sorts of possibilities
> pop up that I can select from.  Where is that info stored?  How about "most
> often visited"?  Cookies?  Bookmarks?  The idea here is that I want to be
> able to export stuff via nfs and not have multiple inconsistent copies of
> it all over the place,  so I can go to different workstations and get the
> same functionality.
> Similarly,  I was able to go to my second machine last night and fire up
> kmail,  and I could see all of my mail that was sitting here and gain
> access to all of it,  but when I went to start a new mail,  typing the
> first letter of the intended recipient did NOT bring up the list of
> addresses I get when doing it on this box here.  So I'm currently on the
> old box just now, working within this setup still.  Where does kmail store
> that info?  How about the address book itself?
Kmenu - Office - More Programs - Address Manager. I understand that when 
KDE3.3 is out Kmail will be able to filter using the address book.

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