Konsole get's sluggish after hours..

Bambang Gunawan bluegraz at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 02:16:59 BST 2004

On Fri, 2 Jul 2004 20:34:58 -0400, Roy J. Tellason
<rtellason at blazenet.net> wrote:
> I have noticed the same sort of behavior here at times.  Most of the time I've
> got Konqueror and Kmail running,  and not much else.  Sometimes I fire up
> another program,  maybe Knode,  or perhaps Kscd and Kmix.
> What I've noticed,  because I have top running on a text console,  is that
> over time the amount of swap used (in addition to system ram,  which ain't
> much on this box) continues to grow.  It keeps growing as long as I run this
> stuff,  and the system gets more and more sluggish,  with that HD light
> staying on more and more of the time,  until I find it intolerable and shut
> down X altogether.  At that point I'll turn swap off,  back on again,  and
> fire up startx,  and things will work fine.  For a while.
> This seems to be a nontrivial memory leak,  somewhere.  I don't know versions,
> but this was happening with whatever the heck I got under Slackware 9.0,  and
> stayed about the same in the stuff that came with 9.1.  I haven't gotten
> newer here to try out yet.
> It'd be nice if somebody could take a look at this.

I have same situation, open Konsole with 10 or more  sessions,
Konqueror for web browser and Kmail. After a day or more idle, Konsole
little bit sluggish and i've to close Konqueror because eating system
ram 100Mb just to open 2 website in tab.. duh...
After I close Konqueror, Konsole running better but not much :-)

Off topic, whenever Kmail run for fetching to POP server, it's eat
50%-90% of processor resource, is that normal ?
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