Konsole get's sluggish after hours..

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at blazenet.net
Sat Jul 3 01:34:58 BST 2004

On Friday 02 July 2004 05:58 pm, Kenneth Aafl√ły wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using Konsole as my terminal window, and do a lot of my code writing in
> multiple vim sessions within Konsole. However after a day of use it's
> getting very sluggish, and this is only solved by a restart of Konsole, but
> this is a pain when you have ~10 sessions open...
> I have also seen this in other KDE applications, so I'm leaning towards
> this beeing a underlaying subsystem bug, and bet that writing a small app
> which updates it's widgets a lot + timing this will reveal regression over
> time.
> Kenneth

I have noticed the same sort of behavior here at times.  Most of the time I've 
got Konqueror and Kmail running,  and not much else.  Sometimes I fire up 
another program,  maybe Knode,  or perhaps Kscd and Kmix.

What I've noticed,  because I have top running on a text console,  is that 
over time the amount of swap used (in addition to system ram,  which ain't 
much on this box) continues to grow.  It keeps growing as long as I run this 
stuff,  and the system gets more and more sluggish,  with that HD light 
staying on more and more of the time,  until I find it intolerable and shut 
down X altogether.  At that point I'll turn swap off,  back on again,  and 
fire up startx,  and things will work fine.  For a while.

This seems to be a nontrivial memory leak,  somewhere.  I don't know versions,  
but this was happening with whatever the heck I got under Slackware 9.0,  and 
stayed about the same in the stuff that came with 9.1.  I haven't gotten 
newer here to try out yet.

It'd be nice if somebody could take a look at this.

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