[SLE] KIO_SMTP Spins out of control

Peter B Van Campen peterb at vancampen.org
Thu Jan 29 00:11:35 GMT 2004

Hi Folks,

I have been seeing lots of instances of KMail failing to finish sending email. 
The 'Outbox' shows email still unsent and the lower right corner of KMail 
shows an 'in-progress' Bar and a 'percentage'. TOP shows KIO_SMTP burning 
roughly 50% CPU forever. When I go to KMail and tell it to put the email in 
the 'outbox' to trash TOP still shows KIO_SMTP burning 50%. When I close 
KMail the KIO_SMTP is still spinning. I have to 'kill' the spinning thread 
and re-start KMail.

Now, interestingly, the email usually is actually sent!

Can anyone help out? Anyone having similar probs?

p.s. SUSE 8.2 KDE 3.1.x KMail 1.5.1

Proud to use SuSE Linux, since 5.2
Loving using SuSE Linux 8.2

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