Kmail mails disappear

Stephan Matthiesen stephan at
Thu Jan 29 00:10:45 GMT 2004


Twice today I had an unusual behaviour with Kmai (KDE 3.2b)l. Any ideas?

I replied to e-mails, and after I wrote the reply and pressed the send button, 
the mail simply disappeared. I didn't notice anything unusual, only that no 
copy was placed in my inbox (I have set Kmail to put a copy into inbox), and 
my local copy just isn't anywhere in my folders (not even trash).

The questions are: 
1. Is there any way to find out whether the mail actually has been sent. Is it 
only that the local copy was somehow not saved or got deleted?

2. Is there any way to retrieve the text of the mails, e.g. from some 
temporary files?

Unfortunately one of the mails was such that I don't want to ask the recipient 
if it got through, if I can avoid it.

I've sent something like 20 mails today, and hundreds since I installed KDE 
3.2b, and it has only happened with these two mails. I have no idea if there 
was anything special about them.

I don't even know if it is a bug or if I just did something stupid, although I 
can't imagine what.

Im using a dial-up connection (active at the time) with an SMTP server. I 
don't know what other information might be useful.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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