File Association Problem

Todd Whipple whip at
Thu Jan 29 04:30:27 GMT 2004

I am running KDE 3.0 and I have inadvertently messed up a file association 
which I cannot fix.  Any time I use Konqueror Web browser, all web sites 
come up in Konqueror as text showing the html markup language.  I have gone 
into file association and removed kwrite from the text html file association 
and that did not fix the problem.  I have logged onto my workstation as 
another user and konqueror works just fine so I know there has to be a 
setting somewhere that I can fix to make konqueror work normally as a web 
browser. I wouldn't even mind replacing the file which controls all file 
associations to get it back to normal.  Any help would be greatly 


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