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I've noticed similar.  I haven't tried anything other than kde, but noticed my battery life is about 1/2 what it was before I installed Linux.  I'm guessing mine is due to me not knowing how to turn off the wireless when it can't get a connection like I could under Windows.  Maybe we are both missing some power management drivers.

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>Hi KDE users,
>I have a little question to answer about battery consumption on KDE. Well,
> I'm not going mad, but when I use KDE, my laptop's battery is discharged
> quicker than using other alternatives, like XFCE (I haven't tested GNOME on
> my laptop computer).
>Right, I know: KDE is a complete, wonderful, complex Desktop Environment and
>there are some backgrounds processes spining up my hard disk and taking some
>So, the question is, what tricks (if any) do you use to reduce your
>favourite's desktop environment power consumption?
>Thank you all.
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