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On Wednesday 17 December 2003 21:14, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Wednesday 17 December 2003 18:49, Tim Laughlin wrote:
> > 1. Is there a way for the smb:// client to save the password for the
> > "server" so that navigating dosn't require a password constantly.
> I think you can put username:password at host instead of host into the URL.
> But it should remember the password anway if you check the remember check
> box in the authentification  dialog.
> There is also a configuration page in Control Center in group
> Internet&Network where you can put your default password.
> > 2. How can I change my default email client for mailto:// tags on web
> > sites.
> Control Center->KDE components ->mail program

But especially with smb:// it depends which KDE version you are using, which 
samba version you are using, and which smb KIO slave you are using (there are 
2 in the KDE sources).
I also had a lot of trouble using KDE 3.2 and Samba 3, which I then fixed with 
a patch, but I'm not sure if that has already found it's way into the KDE 
sources ...

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