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Fri Jan 2 19:15:03 GMT 2004

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On Thursday 18 December 2003 13:04, Jose Celestino wrote:
> Words by Jerome Yuzyk [Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 02:22:11PM -0700]:
> > Why does the KDE desktop have such little icon-positioning smarts? I can
> > download, or drag-and-drop files to my desktop and it's anyone's guess
> > where the file's icon will go. It might be where I drop it, or it might
> > not. Files I open from the desktop that create a backup file might have
> > the backup appear next to the original icon, or maybe not. There's also
> > no automatic align-to-grid setting. Geez, Windows and every other GUI has
> > been able to do this since the early 1990s, so why can't KDE?
> Same here. Very annoying to take several minutes to decently align all
> the stuff around. Any solution for this?

This is a known issue already on bugs.kde.org.
I looked into it sometime ago. The problem is with the Qt-widget which is used 
as the desktop, which does the icon-move stuff on its own, and this is 
currently not user friendly.

Either one reimplements a new widget to handle this better, or Trolltech does 
it some day ...

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