apps on kicker, wrong title bars, etc

Bagus bagus at
Tue Dec 28 04:57:19 GMT 2004

I'm having problems with a new kde3 install on a new 
Freebsd 5.3 system. After installing, I've been able to 
startx. This launches a grey and white screen with a few 
terminals on it. I use one of them to 'startkde'. This goes 
along just fine, and sets me up with a 'desktop' and a 
However, the behavior of the environment is more xwindows 
like than k like. The windows all only have one icon in the 
upper right... and so there's no minimizing of the windows. 
Also, the applications launched (write, konquerer, kveiew, 
whatever) open windows, but aren't listed in the kicker. 
Alt-tab doesn't switch between them. There are other things 
that make this environment less than usable like windows 
going outside the edge of the screen and sometimes 
disappearing behind the desktop.  
Does anyone know what I've done wrong?  

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