apps on kicker, wrong title bars, etc

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at
Tue Dec 28 11:47:16 GMT 2004

> I'm having problems with a new kde3 install on a new
> Freebsd 5.3 system. After installing, I've been able to
> startx. This launches a grey and white screen with a few
> terminals on it. I use one of them to 'startkde'. This goes
> along just fine, and sets me up with a 'desktop' and a
> 'kicker'.

JFYI, if you want to start KDE automatically with 'startx', put the
following line in ~/.xinitrc (create it if it doesn't exist):

exec startkde  

If you're using your method because you might want to start a different WM,
I have a modification of the startx script that allows you to do, eg,
"startx kde" to start KDE, or "startx gnome" to start GNOME, etc. I can
send it to you if you like.

> However, the behavior of the environment is more xwindows
> like than k like. The windows all only have one icon in the
> Does anyone know what I've done wrong?

Hrm, that sounds very weird. Perhaps you have conflicting versions of KDE
libraries/apps lying around. I'd suggest removing the whole lot with:
% pkg_delete -r qt\*
and then reinstalling KDE (you could use the meta-port).

If that doesn't work, or if you'd like a less extreme suggestion, you could
ask on the kde-freebsd mailing list (kde at


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