Executing apps at startup

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at nbl.fi
Thu Dec 16 13:48:27 GMT 2004

I need to find out how to execute an app when the user logs in. I also need to 
figure out how to shut down that app as the user logs out.

My situation: My wife likes Pine as her email-app. No problem, I can set it up 
for her. But our email is POP3-based, and Pine doesn't work well with it out 
of the box. So I decided to install fetchmail that would fetch the mail to 
our computer, and she could then read it by using Pine. Simple so far.

I would like this to work so that as my wife logs in to KDE, Fetchmail is 
executed and it downloads the mail automatically. She can then manually start 
Pine if she wants to. This part is not difficult. I can just write a small 
script that loads Fetchmail, and place that in the autostart-folder (right?).

The difficult part is this: I don't want to have fetchmail hanging around the 
system when my wife is not using it. I have no need for it (I use Kmail, and 
it takes care of those mundane details).So I would have to figure out a way 
for Fetchmail to shut down automatically when she logs out. Now, if I were 
using CLI, I could kill Fetchmail with ~/.bash_logout, but how do I do that 
in KDE?
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