Executing apps at startup

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Thu Dec 16 18:41:26 GMT 2004

Janne Ojaniemi wrote:
> I need to find out how to execute an app when the user logs in. I also need to 
> figure out how to shut down that app as the user logs out.
> My situation: My wife likes Pine as her email-app. No problem, I can set it up 
> for her. But our email is POP3-based, and Pine doesn't work well with it out 
> of the box. So I decided to install fetchmail that would fetch the mail to 
> our computer, and she could then read it by using Pine. Simple so far.
> I would like this to work so that as my wife logs in to KDE, Fetchmail is 
> executed and it downloads the mail automatically. She can then manually start 
> Pine if she wants to. This part is not difficult. I can just write a small 
> script that loads Fetchmail, and place that in the autostart-folder (right?).
> The difficult part is this: I don't want to have fetchmail hanging around the 
> system when my wife is not using it. I have no need for it (I use Kmail, and 
> it takes care of those mundane details).So I would have to figure out a way 
> for Fetchmail to shut down automatically when she logs out. Now, if I were 
> using CLI, I could kill Fetchmail with ~/.bash_logout, but how do I do that 
> in KDE?

The current "startkde" script will run shutdown scripts in the:


directory.  Since this is a global script, you should probably have it first 
check the USER environment variable for a match and then check for: "pidof 

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