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Kevin Yeung kevinyeung at
Wed Dec 15 05:31:08 GMT 2004


There are a number of reasons why you want to do it on ssh, chief among which 
is you don't trust the Internet _and_ your office network. Being on VPN 
shields you from the dangers of the former and ssh helps with the latter.

Supposed krfb is listening on port 5900 on your work computer. Then, from your 
home computer, you do:

ssh -L 5900: workpc

What this does is you ssh into your work computer and at the same time ssh 
listens on port 5900 on your _home_ computer. Whatever connects to home:5900 
is forward on ssh to workpc:5900.

Then, at home, you do:

krdc localhost:5900

That's it.


On 15 December 2004 13:07, Larry Howe wrote:
> On Tuesday 14 December 2004 04:20, Sylvain "Skarsnik" Colinet wrote:
> > Hi.
> > I want to use the remote desktop feature to use my computer at work.
> > I can only access my computer with ssh and I want to start the krfb
> > server to access my desktop, So is there a trick to start the server
> > and configure it only on ssh ?
> Not sure why you need to start it via ssh? I was able to go into Desktop
> Sharing and set up my computer at work to "accept uninvited connections"
> and "allow uninvited connections to control the desktop". Now, if I VPN
> into my work network, I just startup Remote Desktop Connection on my end
> and type my computer's name into the box, it asks me for the password, and
> then I have a window with the remote computer's desktop in it, which I can
> control.
> Note that this is a little bit different than getting a remote login. By
> the way, if you know of a way to do a remote X Window login, I'd be
> interested in knowing how to set that up.
> Suse91 / KDE 3.2
> Larry
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