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Sylvain 'Skarsnik' Colinet coline_s at
Wed Dec 15 17:52:40 GMT 2004

Le Mercredi 15 Décembre 2004 06:31, Kevin Yeung a écrit :
> Hi
> There are a number of reasons why you want to do it on ssh, chief among
> which is you don't trust the Internet _and_ your office network. Being on
> VPN shields you from the dangers of the former and ssh helps with the
> latter.
> Supposed krfb is listening on port 5900 on your work computer. Then, from
> your home computer, you do:
> ssh -L 5900: workpc
> What this does is you ssh into your work computer and at the same time ssh
> listens on port 5900 on your _home_ computer. Whatever connects to
> home:5900 is forward on ssh to workpc:5900.
> Then, at home, you do:
> krdc localhost:5900
> That's it.
> Regards
> Kevin
> On 15 December 2004 13:07, Larry Howe wrote:
> > On Tuesday 14 December 2004 04:20, Sylvain "Skarsnik" Colinet wrote:
> > > Hi.
> > > I want to use the remote desktop feature to use my computer at work.
> > > I can only access my computer with ssh and I want to start the krfb
> > > server to access my desktop, So is there a trick to start the server
> > > and configure it only on ssh ?
> >
> > Not sure why you need to start it via ssh? I was able to go into Desktop
> > Sharing and set up my computer at work to "accept uninvited connections"
> > and "allow uninvited connections to control the desktop". Now, if I VPN
> > into my work network, I just startup Remote Desktop Connection on my end
> > and type my computer's name into the box, it asks me for the password,
> > and then I have a window with the remote computer's desktop in it, which
> > I can control.
> >
> > Note that this is a little bit different than getting a remote login. By
> > the way, if you know of a way to do a remote X Window login, I'd be
> > interested in knowing how to set that up.
> >
> > Suse91 / KDE 3.2
> >

You don't understand what I want to do, maybe my english is too bad for 
that :).
I havn't access to my computer at work, only by the ssh and I want to start 
the remote server to access my computer with a vnc client. So I can't start 
the kcontrol center to start and configure krfb, I just want to know is there 
a way to config and start it on a shell.

So another question, I use two screen without xinerama, I start the remote 
server and with a vnc client I can't connect to the server, maybe it can't 
found the right display. any help ? (vnc://host:0:port doesn't work).

Sylvain "Skarsnik" Colinet, Secrétaire d'EpX.

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