aRts - "Test Sound" button failure

Esben Mose Hansen kde at
Sun Dec 12 21:16:51 GMT 2004

On Sunday 12 December 2004 02:14, alupu at wrote:

> aRts-1.3.1 and KDE-3.3.1 on 2.6.9 kernel.

Hmm, I'm struggling with a setup like that. Do you use a Athlon-64 in 64-bit 
mode, by any chance?

> Control Center > Sound & Multimedia > Sound System > General
> The "Test Sound" button doesn't do anything at all
>  (i.e. no sound and/or any activity whatsoever).

Nor with me. For me, this is because the test is an ogg-vorbis sound, I 

> 1.  How can I enable whatever it's supposed to do?
> 2.  At the very least, what app does it trigger?
>     (so maybe I can track the problem down from there)

Try artsplay something-ogg. I don't know if this is it, but I think so.

> 1. Control Center > Sound & Multimedia > Sound System > Hardware:
> "Select the audio device" is on ALSA (but can be on anything,
> such as "Autodetect", same result)
> 2. Just in case, I mention that "Enable the sound system" is ON.
> 3. Sound (of any other kind) works OK, such as:
>    - System Notification(s)
>    - Soundcard Detection (Sound Card Configuration) with its
>      "Play test sound" button.
>    - 'artsd' is up, running fine and doing what it's supposed
>      to do (except react to that pesky "Test Sound" button).

check, same with me. Wav plays fine (which is most notifications, as does ogg 
vorbis with e.g. mplayer, but arts and ogg is a no-go.

I'm using Gentoo. Are you?

regards. Esben
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