aRts - "Test Sound" button failure

alupu at alupu at
Sun Dec 12 02:14:49 GMT 2004

aRts-1.3.1 and KDE-3.3.1 on 2.6.9 kernel.

Control Center > Sound & Multimedia > Sound System > General
The "Test Sound" button doesn't do anything at all
 (i.e. no sound and/or any activity whatsoever).

1.  How can I enable whatever it's supposed to do?
2.  At the very least, what app does it trigger?
    (so maybe I can track the problem down from there)

1. Control Center > Sound & Multimedia > Sound System > Hardware:
"Select the audio device" is on ALSA (but can be on anything,
such as "Autodetect", same result)
2. Just in case, I mention that "Enable the sound system" is ON.
3. Sound (of any other kind) works OK, such as:
   - System Notification(s)
   - Soundcard Detection (Sound Card Configuration) with its
     "Play test sound" button.
   - 'artsd' is up, running fine and doing what it's supposed
     to do (except react to that pesky "Test Sound" button).

-- Alex

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