KDE applications oppening urls in cache

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Tue Dec 14 17:16:00 GMT 2004

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> Christian Mueller wrote:
>> Am Montag, 13. Dezember 2004 02:02 schrieb Divided By 0:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm relatively new to linux and KDE and I have this problem: 
>>> Whenever I click on a url link in a KDE application (like help or 
>>> KNewsTicker), instead of oppening the link in my browser, kde 
>>> downloads the page as an archive and then directs my browser to that 
>>> localy saved file. As a result, the page format is destroyed, images 
>>> are not dispayed and I cannot follow any links.
>>> I tried disabling the cache in the KDE control center but it didn't 
>>> help.
>>> I'm also using Firefox as a browser and I've already changed the 
>>> default browser. (in the specific page and in the file associations 
>>> page) I'm using Fedora Core 3
>> It's not the cache that is the problem here, KDE seems to think that 
>> firefox cannot handle URLs itself so it downloads the file.
>> Look for a file called mozilla-firefox.desktop, firefox.desktop or 
>> something like that.  In that file, look for the Exec line. If it is 
>> Exec=firefox or Exec=firefox %f then you have found the source of the 
>> problem. Change it to Exec=firefox %u
>> Christian.
> where would I find this file? home directory?
Nm, found it with slocate. Thanks

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