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Iain Dooley mail at
Wed Dec 8 14:38:34 GMT 2004

Christian Einfeldt wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 December 2004 15:11, Iain Dooley wrote:
>>but instead of building it's own web browser, and it's own mail
>>client, why doesn't KDE focus on integrating more thouroughly
>>these other fantastic, open source applications?
> It seems that developers like to have different applications.  They 
> work on a project because they like it.  They have put their 
> personalities into it.  That is probably the major reason why there 
> are those KDE apps, leaving aside for now question as to whether 
> those apps are better or not.  
> Also, I think that after MS, people have a feeling that diversity is 
> desireable.  

i can understand that, but the important difference is that combined 
open source does not lead to a monopoly in the same way that MS did.

that is one of the biggest advantages that i can see OS having over 
traditional business models: because no-one is worried about ownership 
of the product, or brand identity or marketing deadlines, true 
integration between all applications should actually be more easily 

> Also, people in the open source community are very diverse.  They 
> have lots of different tastes.  It's probably all about simple 
> freedom of expression.  

i'm not saying that we should make all programs look and act in exactly 
the same ways, but more provide an open standard for them to interact. 
for things like tasks, address book information, scheduling etc. similar 
in concept to JACK, which is the standard interface for connecting 
applications together in LADSPA (linux sound applications framework).

is this what DCOP is for in KDE?
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