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David P James dpjames at
Wed Dec 8 04:06:38 GMT 2004

On Tue 7 December 2004 18:11, Iain Dooley wrote:
> KDE is an amazing desktop environment, but of the applications that i
> use most, none of the packaged KDE programs are really the best of
> breed.
> KOffice < OpenOffice

I'll generally agree to that but the speed of KOfiice apps in opening is 
definitely a plus, especially when opening Word files on the internet. 
Plus OOo until very recently couldn't open WordPerfect files, which is 
inexcusable. Basically, I use both at the same time and trade files 
between them, or just use Kile :)

> KMail < Thunderbird

Let's see ... List reply, maildir support, built-in crypto support, 
extremely flexible filters, PIM integration (including to handhelds) 
and probably more still.

> Konquerer < Firefox

I would disagree. Certainly not in Fx's default state - one needs to 
install quite a few extensions before it offers anything resembling the 
default feature set of Konq, by which time its speed (especially launch 
speed) has been cut down quite a bit.

> Noatun < Juk

That's just silly since both are KDE apps. Now if you had said XMMS, 
that would be different (though even it is crippled by the filepicker 
and since it's used a lot that's quite serious).

> Kopete < gaim

Seems about the same to me but the integration with KDE is better with 
Kopete. I would love to see what the licq folks get up to though since 
that is one neat app.

> imagine what could be achieved if KDE, OpenOffice and the Mozilla
> project joined forces...

Unfortunately Mozilla has some kind of GNOME fetish going on so that's 
not too likely. Any QT ports will have to be done by KDE people, unlike 
all the other ports which are done by Mozilla people. 
however seems a little more receptive and I look forward to 
improvements in that direction.

David P James
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