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Mon Aug 2 10:01:59 BST 2004

Hello John

--- john brennan-sardou <johnbs at> wrote:

> Well I started 
> with arts and I stopped dead. This is too long I
> said to myself, having a big 
> garden and plants dying of thirst. So I threw in the
> towel and went to water 
> my bourganviillas. Unfortunately as you can image in
> my old 3.1.4.outfit I no 
> longer have sound. 

Strange, because if your arts build stopped, then
install was surely not completed, so I don't see why
it should affect your existing install?

Just like Hartwig Felger suggested I would go for an
update for your system. (I gather that you want an
updated system anyway!) However I would suggest
another route to do this.

Download all the packages from the linuks download

Do all base and developement stuff, choose the
applications that you really want.

Put all the rpm's in a directory (I call it
SuSEUpdate) on my system.

In the SuSE work menu change the location of the
installable software by adding the directory you just

In the SuSE work menu start the Software Installation
(or via Yast).

All the packages that can be updated will now be in
blue. Click these so that the 'update' symbol is
visible (It looks like a little 'z'). Some packages
will be marked in red, it seems to occur when there is
a version installed that is newer than another on your
system that is marked as an update...or something like
that, never understood it really... What is really
important is that you resolve the dependency issues
that pop up. They nearly always mean something :) You
may have forgotten to download an update, or you may
have forgotten to select it, or perhaps you need a
library for an application that is still on your dvd
(time to get it out), etc.

But after resolving these, simply accepting will give
you an up-to-date and consistent system.

Hope this helps


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