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Salut John,
On Sun, 1 Aug 2004, john brennan-sardou wrote:
> 	Question for a champion : How can I install kde, the new version, with the
> minimum of hassle or How can I revert to my old version of arts to get back
> to sound?
> 	I am under Suse 9.0
I think you do not want to compile everything from source - do you?

As you are on a rpm-based installation, you may just want to reinstall the 
arts-rpms, that you had before. With yast2 sw_single you may want to 
reinstall the arts-packages from cd.
If you do not have the cds/dvd handy, you 
may download it from 
directory where you find the arts-rpms.
If you want to do it by hand, then you need the --oldpackage option with 
the -U (update) directive for rpm, to accept the older version.

If you are brave, then you would go the other direction. I think you 
downloaded the rpms from SuSE's website (under downloads LinuKs...).
At first I allways do a "rpm -qa |sort > rpm-qa-2004-8-01" so that I may 
tell later, which packages I had installed before...
Now logout of KDE (but do not shutdown/restart the computer, just end the 
session). When you are at the graphical-login-prompt, do a ALT-CTRL-F6, to 
change to a virtual-text console. Login as root and do a telinit 3, that 
shuts-down KDE/X. Now changes to the directory, where you have all the new 
rpms and start installing qt3 and all the lib*.rpm, as you allready have 
installed the arts.rpm. Later you do the kdelibs*.rpm, then kdebase*.rpm. 
After that you will do all the rest...
Some rpms do not go in at once..., they may depend on others. Especially 
if you have installed the package and its -devel-package, you would need 
to update both in one go. To update do a rpm -U package.rpm
As this are a lot of packages, I use a done-directory, where I move all 
installed rpms, like this:
  mkdir done
  for i in lib*.rpm ; do if rpm -U $i ; then mv $i done;
   echo "$i successfull installed" ; else echo "$i did NOT install"; fi;
You will change the lib*.rpm pattern for the other rpms in the order 
described above.
For some packages that need to be updated at once, replace the
" done" with i="lib*.rpm".
Then pray, that there is not a hidden bug that hits you. 
But if so, just ask for help again...
Don't forget to do a SuSEconfig, before you try a startx. If your 
WINDOWMANAGER=/usr/X11R6/bin/kde is set like this, it should start KDE for 
your root-account. If this works quit/reboot your system.

   hartwig felger

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