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Sun Aug 1 12:04:03 BST 2004

On Sunday 01 August 2004 05:15, john brennan-sardou wrote:
>	the othe day I did a real stupid thing. I had thought about putting
> the new version of kde on my  box so i downloaded everything. Yes I
> mean everything. In the end I asked myself the evident question How
> the hell am I going to put this in place and being under kde, will
> kde allow me to do so? Well I started with arts and I stopped dead.
> This is too long I said to myself, having a big garden and plants
> dying of thirst. So I threw in the towel and went to water my
> bourganviillas. Unfortunately as you can image in my old
> 3.1.4.outfit I no longer have sound.
>	Question for a champion : How can I install kde, the new version,
> with the minimum of hassle or How can I revert to my old version of
> arts to get back to sound?
>	I am under Suse 9.0
>My plants and I thank you in advance.
>	John Brennan-Sardou

The least labor intensive, most automatic way is to download a fresh 
copy of "konstruct-unstable", modify the file to indicate 
where you want the "garchives" stored, and where to install it.  Then 
cd to each of the 4 main subdirs, libs, kde, apps & misc, (not the 
meta one, it doesn't work from there) and do a "make garchive" which 
will download and store all the tarballs needed to build it.  Expect 
problems with graphviz although I see the site is back up now, it was 
down for several days last week.  On a dsl its half a day, a dialup 
much longer of course.

Once thats done, then cd to meta/kde and do a "make install".  That 
will take quite some time, around a day on this athlon 2800XP.

When its done, reset your .bashrc to point $KDEDIR, $QTDIR and so on 
(see the README and INSTALL files in the root dir of konstruct) to 
where it was installed, log out of x, log out of the machine, then 
log back in to reset those env vars, and startx.  It should be the 
new kde3.3-beta2, which is not acting very "beta" here, its pretty 
solid.  I have both the "garchive" and the install in /root, but I 
gave /root 10 gigs the last time I reconfigured.

Cheers, Gene
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