the artful dodger

john brennan-sardou johnbs at
Sun Aug 1 10:15:39 BST 2004

	the othe day I did a real stupid thing. I had thought about putting the new 
version of kde on my  box so i downloaded everything. Yes I mean everything. 
In the end I asked myself the evident question How the hell am I going to put 
this in place and being under kde, will kde allow me to do so? Well I started 
with arts and I stopped dead. This is too long I said to myself, having a big 
garden and plants dying of thirst. So I threw in the towel and went to water 
my bourganviillas. Unfortunately as you can image in my old 3.1.4.outfit I no 
longer have sound. 
	Question for a champion : How can I install kde, the new version, with the 
minimum of hassle or How can I revert to my old version of arts to get back 
to sound?
	I am under Suse 9.0 
My plants and I thank you in advance. 
	John Brennan-Sardou

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