konqi hits prime time?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Tue Sep 30 02:33:18 BST 2003

Nick THOMPSON wrote:
> I mainly use konqi for most of my browsing, but I'm always curious to 
> try new stuff. I had a quick go with MozillaFirebird today and on the 
> first site I choose to try (www.powergen.co.uk), it failed. But I was 
> pleasantly surprised by the message the web site gave:
> ---paste--- We have detected that you are running a browser not
> supported by this website.
> We currently support Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 5.0 or above) 
> and Netscape Navigator (Version 7.02 or above).
> Whilst not officially supported the site can also be used with Opera 
> (Version 7.20 or above) and Konqueror (Version 3.1.1 or above).
> Your Current Browser: Netscape Your Current Version: 0.6.1 ---end---
> Corporate recognition!

Nice, but it is a good news; bad news situation.

The good news is that they recognize Konqueror.

The bad news is that they are still thinking in terms of supporting 
browsers rather than supporting the W3C standard for HTML.


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