konsole "default" font

Nick LeRoy nleroy at cs.wisc.edu
Sat Sep 27 22:54:40 BST 2003

On Saturday 27 September 2003 4:10 pm, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Nick LeRoy wrote:

JRT: Thanks for the reply.

> > I'm not sure if this is Linux / SuSE 8.2 specific or not, but I'll try
> > here first.  I've also posted to the SuSE list, but so far haven't found
> > any magic bullets.
> This should apply to any KDE running on X.

That's what I figured.

> > How does "konsole" get it's settings for "normal", "tiny", etc.?
> It is hard wired into the code.  It uses the font: "Fixed[Misc} and they
> appear to have needed one more size which comes with KDE which is in:
> "$KDEDIR/share/fonts/": "9x15.pcf.gz"

They're *hard coded*????  I could see something hard coded as a fallback, but 
as the default?  Ugh.

> > How can I
> > change them (the whole family, that is)?
> I don't think that this is possible without changing the source code.

Perhaps this is my oportunity to contribute some code to KDE....

> > Somehow, my upgrade to 3.1.4 seems
> > to have changed my default konsole font to some awful-ugly font,
> Now that is a different question.  You probably don't have FontConfig
> configured correctly and it isn't finding the fonts and QT has made a
> substitution.

Like I said, somebody told me to try running SuSEconfig, I'll try that in a 
little bit.



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