KDE, RH9, keyboard layouts

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Fri Sep 19 06:59:15 BST 2003

David Corbin wrote:
> I've just installed RH9.  I use two keyboard layouts US English, and US 
> English w/DeadKeys.  For reasons beyond me, in the control center and on the 
> panel, the "flags"are all grey in RH9. In Mandrake they weren't.  I know 
> RedHat has done a lot of "stupid" things to make Gnome and KDE look the same, 
> but If this is one it really sucks.  
> Does anybody know anyway to get the color back here?  Without it, I can't tell 
> (visually) which keyboard layout I'm using.

I have only one answer to RedHat problems with KDE.

Get the real KDE RPMs and upgrade:



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