KDE not recognizing proper screen resolution

andreww at photism.org andreww at photism.org
Thu Sep 18 20:58:55 BST 2003

 Ok, I'm running KDE in dual-head mode (not xinerama, two
seperate screens, :0.0 and :0.1) with an NVIDIA card. my second
display is a TV. Recently I realized that to use the video
overlay capabilities of the video card I needed to use the TV as
:0.0 Since I wanted to keep all my desktop/kde settings the same,
I switched 

~/.kde/share/config/kickerrc with 

same with kdesktop-screen-1rc 

the only problem now is that many programs still seem to think
that I am running my :0.1 at 1024x768, but since that is now my
monitor I am running it at 1600x1200. Whenever I try and maximize
an application like Konsole or Firebird that has opened in the
upper left 1024x768 quadrant, it maximizes to only fill the
1024x768 quadrant. some applications are opening and they think
they are maximized but they are only filling the 1024x768 region.
If I open another konsole and it opens outside that 1024x768
region and try and maximize it, it will maximize to the proper
screen size. 

 Originally when this started happening I thought "oh well, so I
guess I can't be lazy, I'll delete my ~/.kde dir and re-configure
everything from scratch" -- but even after removing it, the same
problem persists. 

 So I'm wondering if anybody can offer any guidance into fixing
this, or where I should be looking in the config files.


Andrew Wright.

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