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Frank Bax fbax at
Mon Oct 20 15:37:38 BST 2003

At 01:01 PM 10/19/03, hgfelger at wrote:

>Salut Frank,
>On Sun, 19 Oct 2003, Frank Bax wrote:
> > > > >MDK9.1 - Kmail 1.5 (KDE 3.1.0).
> > field of empty message.  So the error should have been "recipient address
> > is missing", not "sender address is missing" - the bug is in the error
> > message text.  Once I was able to determine the real problem, it was easy
> > to fix - simply delete the empty message from outbox.
> >
> > Perhaps someone could test this on a current version and report the bug if
> > it still exists.
>Ok. When I try to create & send an email, without stating a
>recipient-address, I cannot send, or put it into the outgoing box, because
>a dialogbox reminds me, that this needs at least one address in the
>to-field. So with KDE version 3.1.4 (KMail 1.5.4).
>BUT if you type a single space into the TO-field, this messages does not
>appear. What comes next, depends on your ISP's mailserver. One I tested
>sended me a MAILER-DAEMON-mail back, that it could not deliver...
>The other did not accept the mail, without an address. The message from
>KMail includes the message of the server. So if the server tells it the
>wrong cause, there is no possibility for KMail to know it better. With my
>KMail-version it says also, that I have to keep attention to the fact,
>that as long, as this mail is in the outgoing-folder, it might block other
>mails too... It also tells me which transportation-profile is uses. So I
>cannot imagen how this could be improved.
>Is the missleading message originally from your ISP? (Something like
>Answer form server:....)

I see the same behaviour in my older version - Now that the "problem" 
message is deleted, I am unable to reproduce the original error message 
about sender.  The text about blocking other emails and name of 
transport-profile where part of the original error message.  When the 
"problem" message was in outbox and I composed a new message, I would get 
the error message immediately when I clicked "send", Since the error popped 
up immediately, I assumed the error was for the current message, instead of 
the empty one - it took me a few days to figure out what was really happening.


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