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Sun Oct 19 18:01:35 BST 2003

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Salut Frank,
On Sun, 19 Oct 2003, Frank Bax wrote:
> > > >MDK9.1 - Kmail 1.5 (KDE 3.1.0).
> field of empty message.  So the error should have been "recipient address
> is missing", not "sender address is missing" - the bug is in the error
> message text.  Once I was able to determine the real problem, it was easy
> to fix - simply delete the empty message from outbox.
> Perhaps someone could test this on a current version and report the bug if
> it still exists.
Ok. When I try to create & send an email, without stating a
recipient-address, I cannot send, or put it into the outgoing box, because
a dialogbox reminds me, that this needs at least one address in the
to-field. So with KDE version 3.1.4 (KMail 1.5.4).
BUT if you type a single space into the TO-field, this messages does not
appear. What comes next, depends on your ISP's mailserver. One I tested
sended me a MAILER-DAEMON-mail back, that it could not deliver...
The other did not accept the mail, without an address. The message from
KMail includes the message of the server. So if the server tells it the
wrong cause, there is no possibility for KMail to know it better. With my
KMail-version it says also, that I have to keep attention to the fact,
that as long, as this mail is in the outgoing-folder, it might block other
mails too... It also tells me which transportation-profile is uses. So I
cannot imagen how this could be improved.
Is the missleading message originally from your ISP? (Something like
Answer form server:....)

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