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Frank Bax fbax at
Sun Oct 19 14:23:06 BST 2003

At 09:58 AM 10/18/03, hgfelger at wrote:

>On Sat, 18 Oct 2003, Frank Bax wrote:
> > At 10:23 AM 10/17/03, Frank Bax wrote:
> > >Yesterday it was working, today is doesn't.
> > >MDK9.1 - Kmail 1.5 (KDE 3.1.0).
>did you consider to update your KDE to version 3.1.4 (as the .0-version is
>pretty old, and an 0-version...)?

KDE upgrade is not available via Mandrake Update - I wouldn't know how to 
upgrade it otherwise.

> > >When I try to send a message, I get an error "sender address is
> > >missing".  I created only one entry under each: Identities, Sending,
> > >Receiving.   Everything looks good to me; but then what do I know?
> > Got no answers appear to be forthcoming...  Is there a manual that lists
> > all the errors that Kmail might produce and what causes them, so I have
> > some clue as to what is going wrong here?
>have you look through

I did a bug search of "sender" and didn't find anything - but I now believe 
this is actually a bug.

This problem was actually happening on a friends machine.  At first I 
thought the empty message in her outbox could be ignored, until I finally 
figured out that the empty message was causing the error, not the new 
message that I created.  The problem is that there was no email in "to" 
field of empty message.  So the error should have been "recipient address 
is missing", not "sender address is missing" - the bug is in the error 
message text.  Once I was able to determine the real problem, it was easy 
to fix - simply delete the empty message from outbox.

Perhaps someone could test this on a current version and report the bug if 
it still exists.


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